Paulo Bandeira Pinho, MD, FAAP

Text Box: The newborn

DISCLAIMER—The information on this page is to be used as a guideline in the management of the well and sick babies.  Some of the information as presented may not apply to your child in the face of their medical conditions, age and weight.  Medications listed in subsequently linked pages may have adverse reactions that are unique to certain individuals and may in fact be contraindicated depending on the presentation of your child.  Vaccines schedules and feeding guidelines may vary depending on concurrent medical illness, previous reactions, physician decision and parental concern about composition.  Baby product recommendations should be tailored to the special needs of your baby and should be taken as one of multiple opinions a parent should obtain.  Finally, all medical conditions reviewed should not be diagnosed without the trained eye of a pediatrician.  Ultimately, ALL medical decisions should ultimately be run by a physician to ensure your child’s safety and complete medical care.

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